Company Background

Our Founder, Dr. Thomas Hooi is the founder of GeniusBrain Worldwide Sdn. Bhd. Its an 18 years old Award Winning company with its Head Office in Ipoh, Perak. The company is currently having operation in Malaysia, Singapore, Middle East, Brunei, United Kingdom and South Africa. Throughout the early years of his education business venture, Dr. Hooi always believe in engaging new technology for his business expansion.

Through his own dedicated involvement in using E-media and online business solution exposure, customers from all over Malaysia and others countries are able to reach him easily.  Dr. Hooi believes that by using the right online marketing strategies, business in Ipoh will be able to increase their sales revenue and reach out new market way beyond their current market.

With this in mind, and together with his partner who has been in the  IT  industry  for  more than 15 years, it has given birth to our company, My Kiasu Online Solutions. It is our Founder Vision for MyKiasu to provide the efficient e-commerce platform for SMEs in Perak State to reach out for more customers with the minimum cost. This in return will help to generate more revenue for the entrepreneur and the local market.

Our company’s name is due to reason that we do not want local companies to lose out to competitors. We aim to help local SMEs to increase their current market share and retain more customers with affordable e-commerce package. When you 1st started your business, we believe that you have big dream to bring it to a high level. Let us assist you to fulfill your dream together with MyKiasu 21st century online e-commerce marketing strategies.

About Us

Very Anxious Not To Miss an Opportunity,
We Are My Kiasu Hosting Solutions.

Who We Are ?

We are not freelance and part-time ,we are a company with professional team for online solution to doing website development.

Our IT team leader with over 15 years of experience in this industry. She is able to share her experience especially in the IT aspect in helping clients to create more customised websites.

Our design team leader with over 6 years of experience in web design. He is able to share his experience especially in the design aspect in helping clients to create more ideal websites.

We not only provide web design but also help to link up website with Facebook and set up Facebook Advertising to promote the website and products.

Categories We Talk To ?

For Retail shop that want to sell the product online and reduce printing cost. We can help them to sell their product from retail to online. Using online marketing to promote product. Example: Facebook Advertising

For Manufacturer who want to introduce themselves and let customers know more about their company by using the fastest way. They can find us to help them to upload the company information , about their business , portfolio and etc. This is because normally less people know about what actually they are doing.

For business that need to increase exposure and popularity, we will help them to do easy introduction on what they are doing and it will help to promote more quickly.

For common business that want to change their business model and using online platform. They are welcome to find us since we will using different way to help to run their business by following the latest trend.

Our Team Members


Frank Ho

Sales Manager


Thomas Hooi




IT Manager



Web Developer & Designer